Caregiver Ready

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Being Caregiver Ready means:

  • Having a plan for a possible future life event
  • Knowing the wishes of the person likely needing care in the future, while they are still able to communicate with you
  • Identifying the Caregiver Team and their roles

I started thinking about Caregiver Ready after my own health event. The need became more real when I took on the role of the primary Caregiver for my Mother and I realized how unprepared I was for my new Caregiver role. The result, several years later, is The Caregiver Ready Planner Tool because…

“The best outcomes start with a plan”

Caregiver Ready is focused on providing care and support for the caregiver. Caring can be a lonely occupation, and when your emotions are tightly entwined with the person you are caring for, it can be difficult to make the right choices. For those suddenly thrown into caregiving as I was, there is a whole new world to discover with specialist skills to learn. With Caregiver Ready, I aim to give all caregivers a head start and a helping hand through the most difficult times.


Caregiver Ready – The Plan was created to be your guide to planning. It’s partnering with the person likely to need care or currently needing care; it’s identifying the caregiver team and what their individual roles will be. We always hope we’ll never be in crisis, but hope is not a plan.

Caregiver Ready helps those facing such a harrowing predicament by offering practical assistance like looking at options for care plans or providing emotional support. It can feel devastating to only have minutes to make a decision about the future care of someone who has given you their whole life. That is why I am committed to using my experience for good by enabling other families to avoid this horrific helplessness.

I am based in North America and can offer consultancy and assistance throughout North America. I can also help people further afield through email. Send me a message at to get started.

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Caregiver Ready is designed to help families and individuals when disaster hits. We are here to help those already in the midst of a crisis but we also aim to help everyone prepare as no one can predict when our lives might suddenly change.