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How it started

With years of experience, I help people like you and organizations shift the result to make improvements in your life and career! None of us want to think about losing our independence, but all families should have this conversation. Avoiding it simply means risking being uncertain of how best to care for the people in our lives who matter most.

My Story

Recently I was a successful businesswoman giving advice to other business owners and making decisions that affected thousands of people. All that changed overnight when I found myself feeling helpless about making a decision that would affect only one person: my mother.

My FREE downloadable eBook is the story of how I came to the point of becoming my mother's primary caregiver. If you haven’t already requested it, request it now

I am based in North America and can offer consultancy and assistance throughout North America. I can also help people further afield through email. Send me a message at Info@ShiftTheResult.com to get started.

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Caregiver Ready is designed to help families and individuals when disaster hits. We are here to help those already in the midst of a crisis but we also aim to help everyone prepare as no one can predict when our lives might suddenly change.