Shift the Result began in 2000...

In 2005, following a life changing health event, I decided to make the shift to Shift The Result.

Why choose me?

Whatever brought you to Shift The Result, Caregiver Ready, or one of the other exciting solutions that can help you work towards better outcomes in life and a career- I take the time to check out the entire website. I love who I am, I love what I do… let me help you do the same.

make a shift

This includes rightsizing, downsizing, changing how they work, play, and live. I understood those mindsets and tailored my offerings to meet the individuals’ needs. My skills as a Certified Coach helped people and companies meet their goals.

And why do we do it? Because we care!

Kind words from people I'm happy to have helped

I'm thankful for the time I've spent with Barb as she has many admirable traits. She has a kindness about her that resonates.
I am fortunate to have e worked with such a wonderful person and I will continue to hope that our association will contnue professionally and personally.
Barbara is incredibly warm and friendly. Her knowledge of life experiences are invaluable to those she serves.

A Dynamic & Passionate Speaker

Barbara is a dynamic, captivating speaker eager to help you understand and achieve your goals – no matter how big or how small they may be!

Barbara is a Certified Coach

Barbara is a Certified Coach who can help you Shift The Result. Why hesitate? Let get started today! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Workshop Leader & Facilitator

Barbara has extensive experience as a Workshop Leader and Facilitator and is able to assisnt in advice for for various business and personal needs.

Using my extensive first hand experience I decided to help by sharing my wealth of experience and knowledge through the updated Shift The Result. I decided not to market Shift The Result as two different entities - business and personal - because all my combined experiences make me who I am… so why split them up?

My FREE downloadable eBook is the story of how I came to the point of becoming my mother's primary caregiver. If you haven’t already requested it, request it now

I am based in North America and can offer consultancy and assistance throughout North America. I can also help people further afield through email. Send me a message at to get started.

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Caregiver Ready is designed to help families and individuals when disaster hits. We are here to help those already in the midst of a crisis but we also aim to help everyone prepare as no one can predict when our lives might suddenly change.